REW Stimulus Package - update from Real Estate Webmasters Inc

Hello all,

Did you know, that it’s REW’s 16th Birthday Today? Crazy times right?

Normally I’d be telling you all about how we’ve grown over this past year and our “big plans” for the years to come. But this year is different. This year instead of celebrating some new product launch or blasting some promo to drive growth, I’m actually posting about a stimulus package meant to help our customers get through these tough times but also to help us get through these tough times as well.

Never in a million years did I think we’d be here, everyone hidden away in their homes, afraid to do business, afraid to go outside, it’s crazy!

So let’s talk about this stimulus package.

Really there are 2 distinct groups to talk to here:

1: Those that need a little extra help right now (and may have time (but not $) on their hands to work on their platform, in hopes to be ready for the recovery we hope to see coming starting late may or early June.

2: Those that are impacted by COVID-19, but are in a better position to make it through and are already thinking about how to minimize the impact and maximize their recovery. (Those that have time and a willingness/desire to invest)

Let’s talk about those that need help first

Some of you have reached out and asked us about deferral options or financing to help you with your cash flow through these tough next couple of months. We recognize that cash is king and that every dollar makes a huge difference right now.

For those truly in need, here is what we are able to offer. For the next 3 months (May, June, July) we are prepared to defer 50% of your contracted SAAS payments (REW Lite, Launch, Semi-Custom) and you can then spread the payment back over the next 6 months (August 2020 through Jan 2021). In exchange for this deferral, we ask that you rip and replace your existing contract and reset the start date to May 1, 2020.

Please note: We are not a funded company, and we are arranging additional debt in order to do this, so we will not be able to accommodate everyone. We ask that you only request a deferral if you truly need it and have exhausted all other avenues of paying your bills. Thank you for understanding.

Free advice/consulting: I am personally volunteering to provide as much free advice and consulting as I can make time for here on the forums. I’ve also tasked my senior corporate marketing team to join me. They have expertise in SEO, PPC, Writing, Video, Graphic Design, HTML and many other disciplines. We can’t control the fact that we’re stuck at home, but we can certainly decide to make the most of this time and improve our skills and our websites.

Free Website Upgrade: Our vision platform is actually tailor-made for this exact situation. It has the ability to showcase videos, 360 photos, 360 videos etc. Any customer who is on an older platform and would like a free upgrade, we are happy to do it during this time. We ask that you once again reset your contract start date to May 1st, and we’ll go ahead and take care of your upgrade as well as bring in our CSM team to help you move your content, leads, and provide you training on these boards 7 days a week.

Free CRM Upgrade for customized clients: For those on Vision or Discover that have customized and thus voided the free upgrades to CRM, with a renewed contract date we are going to have our teams use any spare time they have to provide these upgrades at no charge, as long as the customization time is not more than 10 hours (a savings of $2,000)

Free “Video Tour” CTA: You may have seen in another thread, I’m designing a "request virtual showing" feature for Discover and Vision. If you’ve selected either of the upgrade options, we will also implement this new feature when ready.

That’s it for those that need help, and are short of funds right now. Any of these options require $0 from you today, and each project requested will help us put our folks back to work doing meaningful projects of value for our awesome customers. So you’re helping us too!

For those looking to take on a project (or might take on a project if there were the right incentive)

We have 2 options for you:

Option 1: Get a project now, defer payments until later. Just like with SAAS deferral, if you would like to provide us with a project now, you can pay nothing (for projects up to 100 hours) for the months of May, June, July. You then have the cost of those hours added to your normal invoice for Months August-January. Basically it’s interest-free financing on your projects. **requires contract restart to May 1 st)

Option 2: For anyone willing to place an order for a project now (and pay now) we are offering a 50% bonus on hours purchased as long as they are used for retainer projects in April, May, June. This is once again about putting our folks back to work, it’s not as much about cash, so we do have to request that you provide work within the months of April-June.

And finally, we could really use your help:

Even with these options, the reality is, REW is likely still going to be very slow during the next few months. Our staff is down to 60% of their normal workday and we’re working hard to come up with ways to provide them with meaningful projects that will not only fill their current schedule but hopefully provide us the ability to get them back to working full time again.

So here is where we could use your help:

We’ve decided to try to absorb our extra time by offering a $1 trial of REW’s Vision Platform from now until June 30th. No setup fee, no monthly fee and during the trial period they can cancel any time.

It’s not exactly like our normal offering as we will not be able to provide any custom work for this price, nor can we provide 1 on 1 CSM time (we’ll be providing support and training via these forums) but we think it’s a pretty amazing offer and if you are willing, we’d really appreciate it if you would help us spread the word about it. I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who have already been looking at or considering REW for their next platform, with this offer we’re hoping we can get everyone back to work and start the process of recovery.

I’d like to thank you all for your support, especially during these tough times. Always happy to answer any questions you may have. Just let me know


Also made a video for the stimulus package. Talk about #CovidHair!

Happy Birthday! And I think I’m with you guys around 12 years possibly this or next month.

And kudos for this REW stimulus package…doubt any other vendors are doing anything at all.

Thanks Mike, It’s been an amazing ride so far. I definitely still remember talking to you when you signed up back in the day. Lots of great times between then and now (and lots to come)

As for other vendors, the only ones I know that publicly announced they were doing it were Inside Real Estate. They are good people and a good company.

Honestly though, I don’t blame my vendors who can’t though. It was a tough decision for us too (we’re going further into debt in order to do this) but we did our modelling and we know we’ll be ok. Weighing the risk of lending money and not getting paid back vs the ability to help customers (even a little) the choice was obvious.

I do wish we could do more, but the one thing I have recognized through this crazy COVID situation is that every little bit helps right now

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Thanks for the update Morgan!

Happy Birthday!