Saved Search Settings?

Is there any way to include the agent phone number into the saved search email versus the office phone?

Also it would make more sense if I’m making a saved search that the link would automatically would send them to my agent subdomain versus the brokerage webpage… If the consumer doesn’t log in they could get assigned to the actual listing agent.

Can you not select “assigned agent” in the settings, and then have it come from the assigned agent and populate their info?

Also, I’m doing some work on Carly’s site to improve our emails, we should catch up on that once I’m done, happy to share what changes we’ve made to auto generated saved searches etc


I also would like to see it changed or the option to display agents cell too. I actually just had an agent last week request this

When it is assigned to the agent it shows the “agent’s” office number, not cell number.

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Seems like you could just put the agents cell as their office number (since really, agents don’t have “office numbers”) actually not sure why we have more than 1 number field these days. No one has a landline (as an agent) any more do they?

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Sounds great, excited to see what improvements are made. Also on replacing the office email - im not sure what compliance is needed for showing brokerage info and agent info. Not sure if it’s a national compliance or just per MLS.

Ultimately it would be great to include those additional mail merges so that we can fine tune them based to each brokerages preferences.

I do like that it does pull the agent headshots in this email - would like to see how we could further incorporate that into the form letters in the future. :eyes:

Oh yeah. That’s exactly what we do to get around it. I was just attempting to clarify the issue OP was encountering.

The only problem - and it isn’t a big/frequent issue - we’ve had with that is occasionally an agent will move the number from office to cell in their preferences and then after a few days ask us why their number isn’t showing up in saved search emails :joy: