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How I can advertisement of my (Sell My House Fast Greenville) website with low investment?

Social media + sweat equity. Join local groups, build relationships, promote “subtly” where appropriate

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Something about fast, easy, cheap, and quality and you can have any 2 or something like that.

You aren’t, as Morgan suggested, going to be able to find something that is cheap, low effort, and incredibly effective otherwise I [and everyone else in the industry] would already be doing it and then the opportunity wouldn’t exist for you to do it kind of thing.

I will say though, doing a lot of keyword research, focusing specifically on long-tail searches that people would make - and in fact are already making in/for your specific area and only your specific area, and then running a Google PPC campaign with a daily budget of $2 and a bid of $.05 per keyword will get you clicks.

It won’t be a lot of results, of course, and it takes a lot of time to set up, and you’ll still have to put in negative keywords and point ads to relevant landing pages (and thus build out those relevant landing pages). With the sweat equity Morgan mentioned you can advertise with a very low ($60/mo but I’d estimate you won’t even spend half of that most of the time because the traffic is just so low and others are paying more so you won’t have to pay since you won’t be getting results), BUT the results are actually high quality and extremely targeted.

Not easy, not fast, but cheap and quality == cheap and quality but slow and hard.

There are lots of services that will do this kind of stuff for you but I would caution against paying people to do things you don’t yet understand. A small Google Ads campaign may just be the cheapest and most valuable way to get an education in the world of PPC… Oh… But it won’t be easy, and it won’t be fast, because it’s cheap and quality :rofl::+1: