Seller Lead Tagging to Follow Up Boss (FUB)

People using FUB. How are you differentiating incoming Seller leads vs regular buyer registrations? I have automation set up, but need a way for REW to send a seller tag for home evaluation/seller leads.

I think once a seller form is completed on a REW website, it automatically gets into a “seller from GROUP” Therefore, you can have a seller campaign trigger once leads enter this group.

That is correct, on newer Renaissance installs which Adam has, there is a seller lead form group automatically applied, so if FUB can parse groups (I don’t know if it can or not) then you should be able to map it.

Amazing, where would I find that group/list? I just see one for G PPC.

Do you see the “My setup” bottom left of your CRM?

Click it, it will open up this dialogue window.

Then click “Lead Groups”

Create as many groups as you like :slight_smile:

FYI - what you see on the left there isn’t groups, those are “smart lists” (also very awesome and powerful) but that’s a different thing.

Not sure who your AM is, but might want to book a session with them or CSM to go on tour so we can make sure you’re getting the most of your new platform (there is SO MUCH more back there)

PS - you also just got the deals / sources upgrade I see.

Good times!