Sendgrid Verification Process

Hello everyone, it seems like 2023 is the “year of verification” - so far this year Google Adwords has implemented a new verification process for all advertisers, Twillio texting implemented verification, Bing Ads - basically all the big vendors/players are now requiring additional verification/authentication of accounts.

This process has now made it to email vendors: The vendor we use for the email sending via your domain is a platform called "Sendgrid" (now also owned by Twillio).

Recently they have sent notifications that emails may not be delivered (an outright block)) from any domains that are not “verified”.

Our team at REW jumped on this and has now verified 90%+ of all REW-hosted domains with a few outliers due to older frameworks or custom code. If you have no yet had your domain verified, please reach out to and they will take care of that for you.

Important notice for “non” REW domains: Real Estate Webmasters can easily verify any domain you have hosted with us (in most cases we have just done it, you don’t need to ask), we do not however support verification for third-party domains.

What is a third party domain? emails at your domain are like morgan @ (email address matches domain name) but what if I was a RE/MAX agent, and I wanted to use morgan instead?

Since REW does not manage the DNS or host we can not simply / easily verify that domain with sendgrid.

Here are the solutions:

1: Switch your “sending” email addresses to (< the one REW hosts, and (@Aayaam correct me if I’m wrong) that can still forward that domain to or whatever and it will go through - correct?

2: Create your own Sendgrid account - if you decide you want to move away from the free REW Sendgrid account to your own Sendgrid account, you can manually verify domains 1 by 1 through a process where they can send you a link, you click it, verify the email etc

3: Move away from Sendgrid - there are other options as well, however any implementation that is not Sendgrid will require custom coding time and is not recommended for most customers/applications.

We are exploring (for 2024) building support for other providers directly into the framework (so customers have choice in terms of email delivery providers)

But for now - those are the options we have available.

Again, if you need your domain verified or are having any other issues with deliverability, please reach out to and they are happy to assist.


That’s correct @Morgan. I can confirm that switching your “sending” email addresses to automatically forward emails to a different hosted email account with a valid email address" will work.

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Hi @Aayaam - we’re finding that gmail won’t accept auto-forwarded emails from the “sending” email. Any ideas for a workaround there?

Hi Brian, hope you are doing well! As long as the sender email is sendgrid verified and working in sendgrid, both To and CC should work fine. However there could be other reasons such as blocked by gmail spam settings etc that may be preventing the delivery of emails. I have asked our Technical Support team to reach out to you as soon as possible to look into it. Let me know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile:

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