Sending email to leads

Is there a way to see if your lead has opened an email and clicked om links?

If you use SendGrid or Mandrill account then there is. In the REW CRM there’s a setting where you can use your own logins for those platforms and they have reporting tools on the emails to see those types of things like Email opens and click through s

Those companies do charge a fee for their services, however I think it’s fairly reasonable per month and if you like you can even have REW Professional services ( with a billable project ) set up their API so you can bring back in data from those platforms to see right in the CRM.

Here’s what the setting looks like on the backend. It’s on the settings page.



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Aaron, Good day from Texas. What is the cost for REW to set up the sendgrid API for Thanks in advance.

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Hi swpre,

If you are just looking to have SendGrid send the mail from the site - you can sign up for the SendGrid account and then enter your username and password for SendGrid on the settings page by clicking the ‘SendGrid’ option. Support can assist you if you need direction on where to place it.

If you are talking about setting up some type of integration with sendGrid, please reach out to our sales department by emailing, or give us a call at 1-877-753-9893 and someone will assist to help suggest how many professional services hours you might need for such a task.