SEO - Duplicate Content on Site

We have communities on our site that fall in 2 different categories / Areas. We would like to have the same content in the multiple locations on the site.

What is the best way to deal with duplicate content on the website while protecting the SEO on the authority page? Are we able to have an authority page that receives any seo credit that the other pages may bring.

Hey Jeff,

Could you provide me with example links for the pages you are referring to?

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Hi Lys,

We have stayed away from the duplicate content and have linked pages back to the parent area. This is starting to become challenging since once the user clicks on the community it will take them out of an area and back to the parent area.

Example: I have a lifestyle section dedicated to golf homes which lists all the different golf communities in Central Florida. Once a user clicks on one of the golf communities our site takes the user out of the golf lifestyle section and directs them into the city section where the actual page lives.

Is there a way to have a duplicate page in the golf section in a way that does not negatively affect the authority page but actually transfers any SEO to the authority page.

Here is a link to our golf section on our website:

Thank you

Hi Jeff,

Michael here from REW’s SEO department.

Normally we’d recommend staying clear of duplicate content, but I can understand the reasoning behind hosting duplicate content in different locations on your site in this instance. It will help keep users in that section of the site, and ensure the breadcrumb links work properly.

In this case, I would suggest incorporating a canonical tag on the duplicate page. A canonical tag is essentially a way for you to acknowledge a page is duplicate and direct search engine crawlers to the page you designate as the original or canonical version of that content.

Here’s a bit more info:

It appears as a short block of code that should be placed in the section of the page with the duplicate content. In your case, it would look something like this:


I hope this helps.

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Hey Michael!

Question for you while you’re here :slight_smile:

Are the sorted pages / price pages treated this way on the back end (with canonical tags)? For example if I have a page with a idx snippet, that creates lets say four sub pages to scroll through the next listings, as well as pages for ascending / descending based on price, etc.

Curious if you have recommendations ?

It seems like we don’t have this based on my research but I’m mistaken, I have these flagged

/?sortorder=ASC-ListingPrice - as an example.


If you view source and do CTR F for Cannonical on those pages, then you should see if it has the tag or not.

Thanks for the reply Morgan!

I noticed on pages like this (Discover) - there’s no canonical tags - I can’t seem to find them on the Discover site

On this site (vision) - There is a tag for this page, is this possibly a customization done?

Essentially just trying to figure out of this is by design or something we just need to customize on our backend? Thanks

If it’s not on your current site you would need to customize, older versions of websites (or from version to version) can have different features.

Thanks for the clarification :call_me_hand: