SEO: New Site Redesign

In regards to SEO… At what point is it safe to start adding new content to a redesigned site?

We went live a couple of weeks ago and it looks like google has indexed the new site. We have not seen any declines in our Google rankings.

Is it still too soon to start adding new pages?

Hi Jeff,

What a great question!

Adding new content on a new page to a redesigned site is pretty safe right off the get-go, especially now that Google has indexed your site.

If you are adding new content to an already indexed page, you should be ok to proceed at this point as well.

Where it gets a little trickier is when you are refreshing or outright changing established content. That is where you want to give the search engines time to catch up, reindex your domain, and do a check on what keywords in that content you are ranking well for. If a page is performing strong for certain keywords, you will want to watch for longer periods of time to read the trends before making drastic changes. If you are seeing a dip, then you can mindfully start shifting your content.

You won’t see much within the first month, especially if there are changes in the regular search cycle (like now with the COVID-19 disruption).

Thanks Jacqui,

We are going to keep all of our existing content intact. We have been holding off adding new content four our site for a little while and are ready to start uploading new pages.

I ran across a great article today that stemmed from our conversation. Just posted about it here: 7 SEO Quick Wins During Covid-19

There is a new tool that can be used for keyword research, that might help discover some long-tail opportunities as well.

Good luck with your new content - very excited to see what you guys publish!