SEO with Pillar Pages - can you switch pillar pages in the future

I have a question for you regarding my website’s content. 90% of my business revolves around selling new construction homes from builders. I am considering creating a pillar page titled “New Homes in Sarasota” and having each community listed as a sub-page underneath it. However, I am concerned about what will happen when these communities are no longer considered “new,” and the builders have finished building.
Will my website become irrelevant and outdated? Instead, I am considering a different approach. What if I were to organize the sub-pages based on the area or town within Sarasota, rather than under the “new homes” category? This way, the content will remain relevant even after the communities are no longer considered "new."I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Perhaps there is a workaround that I haven’t considered yet. For instance, maybe once the communities are built out and no longer considered “new homes in Sarasota,” I could simply move them under another “pillar page”.


Pillar - New Homes in Sarasota

  • sub page - Talon Preserve on Palmer Ranch

once Talon Preserve is a completed community and now longer a new construction community. I would move it under another pillar page I have. “Palmer Ranch”.


Great question Matt.

First, regardless of top specific Niche, I do think sites “navigation” should be organized geographically (Because that is how users think and how we know the world)

Country > State > County > City > Neighborhood.

So that’s your “navigation”

But where people get confused with Pillars is when they think they have to make their pillar and their navigation the same.

You don’t. (Not at all)

So separate out “how you get to it” (that’s navigation) vs planning your Pillar.

Your pillar can start with a main page. It can start with a sub-page. Heck it can even start with a blog post! A pillar is defined by being the “main keyword topic / idea” that will be supported by other pages.

So let’s take New Homes In Sarasota.

Planning my pillar:

My main page:
Optimized for New Homes In Sarasota.
Content is a summary of all the various sub topics I plan on covering, as well as some optimized content, FAQ’s and of course listings for new homes in Sarasota if available.

What are my support pages?

Blogs are easy - I should plan 5-10 of them. Each one will link back to the main pillar page using “New Homes In Sarasota” and various similar anchor texts to support it.

“What does warranty do for your new home in Sarasota?”
“Do you need an inspection on a new home in Sarasota”
Blog posts :slight_smile:

Sub pages -
FAQ’s about new homes in Sarasota
Neighborhoods with new homes in Sarasota
New Homes In Sarasota by property type

Plan out your content strategy first

THEN figure out how you link it :slight_smile:

For me?

I’d do this - Homepage > Sarasota > New Homes Sarasota (sub-page of main Sarasota Real Estate)
I’d create a blog category called Sarasota New Homes and all my blog posts for that pillar go in there (each blog post links to the pillar in the upper part of the text)

Subordinate pages to new homes in Sarasota also become sub pages of the main Sarasota page

And finally, if it’s critical and I want to showcase it (get it some link juice)

I can always call out that page from the home page (or every page) < there is no rule that says you can’t like to a sub page from a top nav, etc

Does that make sense?

This is gold right here Morgan!! All this right here is the secret sauce to REW sites!

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