Setting up Action Plans

Looking for some advice about creating and setting up action plans for buyers. Not really sure where to start

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Hey Heather, action plans are really “prescriptions” for what to do with every lead, so they should be heavily tailored to your style.

I recommend writing down all the things you would do if a CRM didn’t exist if a new buyer came in (by date)

For example:

Day 1: Call the right away. Then send a text follow up, set them up on a drip campaign after reviewing the listings they viewed and send a personalized email letting them know what you have done for them today and that you’re there to help (Some folks add in FB stalking etc and doing research before the call)

Day 2: Call again (if you didn’t get ahold of them) or if you did, just ignore that task and follow the outcome of that first call (you should have set a follow up task). Text again (if you didn’t hear back etc)

Day 3: Check in on the lead, see if they have returned. Review any listings they may have viewed and perhaps use the recommend listing function to send them a few with some notes.

Day 5:

Day 7 etc.

Each person’s process is a little different and depends on their style (some are follow up heavy, some are chill) .

As for the action plans mechanics themselves, much of this can be automated (such as the sending of emails, or the sending of texts < if you have the texting module, which I don’t think you have but it’s only $50) either way, your CSM (or your account manager “who is me”) can take you through those mechanics as well.

So your homework for now, is to document YOUR desired process, and then we can show you how to set it up with action plans.


Thank you!

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Bringing this topic back to life, are users able to create their own action plan?

Thought I read this somewhere in a previous thread but not seeing it live on the backend.

When you say users, do you mean agents? The answer is yes, but it’s in a more recent release. I’m not sure what release version you are on, but once we have finished Beta of the new CRM, I will be recommending an upgrade for your account, so it will be there once that happens.

You could get one now, but for our larger customers (300+ agents) I am recommending you wait out the Beta for a month or so more, let us get more testing/data on live sites, and then we can get you upgraded. @spenney will keep an eye out for the notice when we start recommending larger accounts get upgraded and she will reach out.

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