Shared groups and smartlists for leaders and managers (REW CRM Rocks!)

Every day that I use this new CRM, I fall more and more in love with it!

Sometimes it’s for the tech-forward, sexy features, but sometimes it’s just how easy it is to use and how when I have an idea or a challenge I want to solve, there is just a simple solution.

Case in point - I’m talking to @MariaG about making sure not only are account managers always on top of our Showcase clients and our top 50 but managers, technical leaders and marketing folks are as well.

So how do we create this visibility?

Create “global groups” and “smart lists” Easy!

Check it out.

Allows me to remind folks of the description of the group as well.

My next step is to go create a smart list (or two) for myself and make sure the managers and AM’s do the same. That’s an important part. THE SAME

Don’t have them create their “own” group called “Top 50” - make sure they use the “Shared group” that way when we add a customer to that shared group, everyone sees it. It’s simple but brilliant!

Now from a manager’s point of view, I’m also going to create a “custom view” that allows me to evaluate at a glance whether the customer has received outreach or not. I’ll also make sure that quick notes are up to date (last status of conversation).

In doing these things, we can now at the push of a button review our most important accounts/clients and visually see who is being served well, and who needs attention.

It’s just so damned easy!

Q: for team leaders, brokers - can you think of other ways global groups + smartlists could be used for single click reporting?

Let’s discuss!

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I should probably add… it’s just as fast to go in and add these smart lists to the managers’ CRM than it is to explain it to them, so now there’s another AWESOME feature that comes into play “assume agent”

I push that, I can go set up these smart lists for them in 30 seconds.

This way, it’s done exactly how I want it, but also I’m able to provide extremely high-value / high-touch service to my AMs and leaders.

The more I use the CRM, the more I love it too! :smiley:

The smart lists make life easier, especially after you have created the Global Groups. It’s an simple view to make sure you are on top of your outreach efforts.

I absolutely love using our CRM!! So many great features!