Sign up form spamming

Hi all, just seeing if anyone is having issues like this? I get many signups (daily) where the contacts use the domain 163com but this message almost rubs it in that this advertising/spam network knows how to beat the filters. Any suggestions?

" Hello! Since you’re reading this message then you’ve proved that ads submitted via web contact forms like yours works! We can send your promotional message to people via their contact us form on their website. The advantage of this type of advertising is that messages sent through feedback forms are automatically whitelisted. This improves the likelihood that your advertisement will be seen. No Pay per click costs! Pay a one time fee and reach millions of people. For details please send an email…"

Well that’s ignorant! Ironically it could be a manual submission and not actually “beating the form” - either way, perhaps report it to support@ not sure if they cam block it or not