Site Live Process Questions

  1. Can you please remind me if the google map data/searches will automatically work once we go live, or is there something I need to do on our end?
  2. If we point our new domain at the dev site now will it redirect when the site goes live?
  3. If we initiate go live now, when will it actually happen?
    What is the site live request link?
  4. Should we keep our old domain and old site live for a while after the new site and new domain go live?

Hi Stacie,

Great questions!

There is nothing required on your end to ensure search functionality when going live, everything will be brought over to and remain functional on the live domain.

When taking your new site live you’ll just need to update its nameservers and this should occur at the time of the site live, the Technical Support Representative processing the request will provide additional instructions on making this update when it’s time to make the change.

Once you submit your site live it will be processed within 5 business days. Prior to beginning the site live process, a Technical Support Representative will be in touch to let you know it’s commencing.

Here’s the link to our site live form:

If you’re planning on transitioning completely to the new domain rather then having both active at once I would recommend setting up a redirect from the old domain to the new once your new site has gone live.



Thanks! Now that the site is live, I’m wondering why the Office Listings are not showing up on the home page

It looks like the #office-listings# snippet is set up correctly, and it was working on the dev site, so can’t figure out how I likely broke it :upside_down_face:


Hello Stacie,

I have investigated the office listings item you brought to our attention. Looking at the site this morning I am able to view the office listings on the homepage.

Can you confirm if the listings are appearing for you now?