Snippets and SEO

I am creating FAQ snippets for different communities My question is, will it be detrimental to my SEO to put a snippet for a particular city on more than one page related to that city? Example:
Hendersonville Real Estate
Hendersonville Waterfront Properties
Live in Hendersonville (blog post)

Would a community(Hendersonville) FAQ snippet be considered duplicate content if used on each of these pages?

Yes, it would absolutely be considered a duplicate. Your FAQ’s need to be unique per page.


Hendersonville Real Estate FAQ’s

Q Is Hendersonville Real Estate Affordable?
A: (depends on your market :slight_smile:

Example 2:

Hendersonville Waterfront Properties FAQ’s
Q: What type of water access is in Hendersonville
A: (insert answer)

What’s important to note is FAQ’s are NOT about SEO (but they help SEO), they are all about “contextually” helping the user make a decision or become more informed about the the topic of “that page”

Now, the other good thing about FAQ’s is it does allow you to increase your keyword density (note how I included the topic names in the headings for FAQ’s) and also you will organically say additional things relevant to the page if you answer those FAQ’s in a high quality, well thought out and professional fashion.

Thanks for the info. This is fantastic information.
Could you explain the purpose of a snippet used for content (such as the #testimonials#), rather than just having the content on a page in the first place? Want to understand the intended purpose. I do see the value for form snippets, Idx snippets etc, but curious about content snippets. Thanks

Simple answer:

When content belongs on “only one page” (should be unique)… then it does “not” belong in a snippet.

When content is going to go on “many pages” (example a bulleted list of communities) then you should use a snippet.

The only real benefit to a snippet (which is a strong benefit) is the ability to update in one place, and have the changes made across many pages.

Imagine changing a phone number (would be a sitewide page) or need to update certain links (privacy policy etc) - the other use of snippets is anything “programmatic” (where you don’t have access to the code, but still want to use the tech < like featured testimonials or community stats)

Does that make sense?

Yes that does makes sense. The only thing that I am still a little confused on is: in your example of the bulleted list of communities across many pages, wouldnt that bulleted list be considered duplicate content from one page to another? What makes this example different? Thanks!

Yes it is duplicated (because it’s navigation) so is your top navigation, your footer, your logo etc

Every page has “some amount” of duplicated elements or content. The goal is to eliminate any duplicated elements, code or content that does not assist the user in the navigation of the site or otherwise support the page that it’s on.

A good rule on this is a minimum 80/20 (but even 95/5 would be better) where 80-95% of all written content on any page are unique to that page (including text based links)

Ahhh, ok now I understand so much better. Thank you very much this was just what i needed. Love this Forum BTW, I love being able to search and find subjects that help me.


Glad you like it! We’re always accepting 5 star reviews


(seriously appreciate it, every bit helps)

Will do!

You’re the best, thank you!

I don’t see the example, BUT - it is always preferred to have unique content on a per-page basis. So duplicating a snippet on more than one page does reduce the uniqueness of that page.