Sold stats on neighborhood pages

Hey @Morgan, I’ve wanted to add neighborhood stats of sold listings to my neighborhood pages for a while and I think I found a loophole to do it. Is there anything fundamentally wrong with what I’ve done to this page: Valencia Bay Homes For Sale | Boynton Beach Homes For Sale?

I made a community, left it disabled, and connected it to a saved search from the sold listings feed. Seems like a cumbersome workaround but I think having recent sales stats on the neighborhood pages is a big value add.


What am I missing? I don’t see any sold data on that page…

Sorry Andy, I’m not following your process here. (I don’t get what you’re describing)

Also, a request, if you could not @Morgan when you start threads, tends to exclude others who also might have something great to contribute as well. (And the post doesn’t suffer without it)) :slight_smile:

Can you clarify what you’re trying to accomplish?

I guess it’s not as revolutionary as I thought. I just didn’t realize you could make a community page with a snippet that took data from sold listings.

My Communities are cities so making a page a community page would feature them on my homepage, but all I wanted was to be able to add the stats of recently sold listings/comps to the neighborhood page. I didn’t realize you could disable community page which gives you the same effect just not appearing on the home page.

Ideally I’d like to be able to add robust statistics like was discussed here: New Market Updates Product "Watch List" - #2 by Carly

Forget I mentioned it I guess!

Ah IC, you want to dynamically (through a snippet) show sold stats (and in more detail) on any page

With or without the supporting listings? (Do you want to show the sold listings as well that make up those stats?

Q: Is your sold data feed separate from active feed, or is sold just a status in your single feed?

It’s currently a separate feed.

I’d take the recommendation if an expert :wink: on whether to show the listings or not. I think being able to put them into a table of some sort instead of showing lithe same way the for sale listings so might be better so it looks different.

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