Switching from Community to Content page

Maybe this is a glitch, but I made a bunch of neighborhood pages and had them as “community” pages when they really should have been content pages. If I switch them to a Content page, the header image I’ve already uploaded goes away. It allows me to re-upload an image, but if I no longer have access to that image I’m screwed. Is there a way that I’m missing to have the option to search the images already uploaded instead of only adding a new one in this spot?

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your note! I have shared this with our support team and they are going to look into this and one of the Support Specialists will reach out to directly as well.

Hey Andy,

Any reason why you would make them as a content page vs a community page?

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For me communities are cities and neighborhoods are individual communities within each city. If I make it a community page it has a link at the top for market stats and that doesn’t work unless it’s a city.

I wish there was a way to have market stats show up for whatever IDX snippet/listings are on a particular page.

I don’t think you have to have the stats on a community page, just delete the FC snippet.