Tagging leads that have completed a drip campaign

I was talking to @bradelias earlier who was wondering if there was a way to filter for leads who have completed a drip campaign. I don’t believe there is, but we would like to hear if anyone has figured out a work-around for this.

He also suggested it would be great if leads got tagged automatically after they received the last email in a drip campaign so that he can set up a smart list that brings them up on his radar and if needed, he can add them to a follow-up campaign. I think this would be extremely useful for anyone who uses campaigns, so we’re hoping that this could be considered for a future Renaissance update. What do you think @Rebecca?


Hey @hannawolff The R & D team is currently designing a new automation feature, so we could definitely include these requirements. I’ll make sure to add this to the list.


I would love this! I know I have leads that have gone through my main follow-up and need to get on an “older lead” automation, but trying to figure it out lead by lead is so time-consuming.

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You could actually use “tags” and tag everyone who was on a campaign, and then do a search later for tag=“insert tag” assigned to campaign = “no”

Couldn’t you?

The ‘assigned to campaign’ part would be the issue here. There is only a “subscribed to campaigns” filter and that checks if the lead is subscribed to or unsubscribed from campaigns. There currently isn’t a way to filter for leads that are subscribed to campaigns and have finished a drip campaign or are not currently assigned to a drip campaign.