Testimonials on Renaissance

Hi all,
I added a bunch of new Testimonials to my Renaissance site (still under development) but I’m not seeing them on the website. Is there another step?
I clicked on “add new”, “testimonial”, and then the “client name”, “content”, and then saved…

Just need to decide where to put them. There is a snippet you can put on any page. I just added to your about page (as an example) though @AmyPye I think we need to reduce the size of these on next patch :slight_smile: http://dev.gbalolia.rewtemplates.com/about/

Use the #testimonials# snippet on any page you want to pull those :slight_smile:

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@Morgan Agreed, I’ve made note. Size is a bit big especially when you have multiple.

Yes, size adjustments would be ideal, ty. Actually- use font size 3 html in the source code until then.

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