Texting leads using logic

Has anyone incorporated that into their website? Let’s say you have a lead who is receiving saved searches. A new listing hits the market. Lead gets an email with new listing.

That’s where the logic comes in.

If a lead has a cell number, text the lead.
If a lead hasn’t been contacted in at least 2 weeks, send the text.
Text would be something like “Hey John, have you seen a new listing in City? I sent it to you today.” or “Hi John, a new listing just became available in Subdivision. Did you get an email?” or “Good morning John, I sent you couple of new listings recently. Did you see them?”.

I think it would be great to have a variation of like 20 different texts that will be pulling info from the listing(s) that was sent. If they’re formulated to sound personal, that will increase the responses.

Has anyone done it? How difficult would it be to create something like that with REW?


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I’m interested in this as well.

I know there’s some “AI” technology out there to text leads based on their search but I would assume it has to be coded into the site and a HUGE project. Have you heard of a simple setup?