The average age of a Realtor is 56 but the average buyer is 26?

According to the NAR (National Association Of Realtors®) the average age of a Realtor® is 56 but the average age of a buyer is 26.

I have a few questions about this:

#1: Does this align with your own brokerage? How old are the agents in your firm on average?

#2: Does this gap make sense? Do 26-year-olds really want to be advised by 56-year-olds? Or would they prefer to have someone closer to their own age?

Personally, age doesn’t matter to me (skill/experience does), but I’m curious about what other members think about this.

Do your younger customers prefer to work with agents closer to their own ages in general?

Also, follow on the question/comment:

If the average is 56, we have a problem! That is trending way too old (as an average) for a healthy NAR future. Do you agree / disagree?

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My newly married son is buying his first home. We talked about realtors I could recommend to him and he didn’t like any of them, as they were my age (yes, I am in the 50+ category :shushing_face:). He wanted a realtor closer to his age.

This is only one perspective though…

That’s the real world, real-life boots on the ground Maria, that is a great perspective.

thank you

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I recently had the same conversation with my 27 year old daughter. She naturally gravitates to those closer to her age, and those at a similar stage of life. Her first experience buying was with someone older (yes I did recommend) but I now recognize the mismatch :wink: and appreciate her wanting to make a connection with someone closer to her age. Next time will be different!


56 as an average age is too old in my opinion but it’s also not my problem or even on my list of concerns. Realtors have many more pressing concerns in my opinion.

People regardless of their age tend to gravitate to others of a similar age but as us always the case education is the answer


The age gap between the average age of Realtors and buyers does make sense to some extent. While some younger buyers may prefer to work with agents closer to their own age, many others may value experience and expertise more than age. Moreover, an agent’s ability to communicate and connect with clients is often more important than age.

It’s also important to note that the NAR’s statistics are based on averages, and there are certainly younger and older agents who work with clients across a wide range of age groups. Ultimately, the most important factor in the success of a real estate transaction is the agent’s ability to provide exceptional service and meet their clients’ needs, regardless of age.