To office or not to office?


I am curious what you like about having an office space at your brokerage vrs. working form home? (besides a reliable printer) :slight_smile:

Office space recently became available at RE/MAX of Nanaimo for a fee. I am trying to determine if I should make the move from my home office into the RE/MAX space. I am a new agent and would be sharing an office with a top producer. Here are my pro’s and con’s list:

Pro’s: Reliable printer (haha) and other equipment
easy access to support staff
easily bounce ideas off my office mate
have answers quickly responded to by co-worker and managing broker
“ear to the ground”

Con’s: annual fee of $3k
may not like making “cold or warm” calls in front of my co-worker
potential to get too immersed in office gossip/goings on and lead to distracted time
not sure the office is conducive to my schedule. I wake up before my family and work for an hour before taking my daughter to school. Come back work some more etc.

I would love to hear why you love working at your brokerage and why you love your home office.

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Every $ counts. And, every decision is important. Access to your broker is critical.

In many markets there are independent brokerages that cater to new agents. Find one that does NOT charge a fee and that provides some courses/training at no cost.

If you are going to pay, get statistics specific to that office about % of new people who are still with them after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. Find out the median (not average) gross commission income for same at each year interval.

The potential for a new agent to make it is related to many things. One is cash flow. $250 a month can buy you a few leads from Zillow, et. al. Spend wisely.

Select an office/broker based on their due diligence of you. Are ethics, values, judgment, professional demeanor, your credit, your background (criminal, et.a.) part of their interview process? Or is it a sales pitch and if you will pay you can play? For perspective, we get credit and background reports on every agent/broker before they are offered an opportunity to join us.

With SWPRE, we cover over 80% of Texas’ population. We have one office. Administration and ops work from there. No agents or brokers office there.

If you are going to pay for an office, office in a coworking space. Office with potential clients and referral sources. Not other agents/brokers.


Ethics matter. SWPRE interviewing agents and brokers.

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