Try REW CRM's New Import Tool!

Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to share that REW CRM has an incredible new feature: the CSV Import Tool! This tool streamlines your data management process, allowing you to effortlessly import large volumes of contacts and leads into REW CRM. It’s super user-friendly and involves just a few steps.

REW CRM automatically matches your column fields with existing fields in the system, making the process even smoother. You can also match fields manually to ensure accuracy, or create custom fields in the CRM to accommodate your other data requirements.

We also have a blog post explaining how to navigate the Import Tool. Feel free to check it out for more details!

Whether you’re a new user migrating to REW CRM, or an existing client looking to bulk upload lead contacts, this tool is a must-try.


Will this import tool overwrite already existing users that match certain data points? All of the people in our CRM in REW are also in Follow Up Boss. We are making our way out of Follow Up Boss in the next few days but all of our contacts have been worked in FUB but originated in REW because we use the FUB one way sync integration. Example: We have a contact named Jim Smith and we have worked him through FUB. Tags, lead stage, custom fields, etc. If we have all of those things in place in REW can we import Jim Smith and have him overwrite all of the details already in place to “update” his contact record??

Hi Matt, currently this first iteration of the import tool only creates new leads in the REW CRM, it doesn’t update leads already existing in the CRM. Adding this ability to mass update Leads is on our list of features to work on in the future.

Thanks Rebecca, so how do you suppose we can accomplish this? I would love to import them back into REW without having to update each lead individually. Any ideas??

@MattFranklin Today that would require a project - basically download the export of your FUB database and run a script that says “if doesn’t exist, create with all data” if does exist, “add” any missing data that is in FUB DB but not REW.

You can get the programming you need at 50% off currently based on the most recent promo posted: (Very limited supply) REW Promo - Demand Based Pricing (book now and save)

@Morgan will this ever be an option??

I am not sure… it’s not currently a roadmap item but we have documented the suggestion (it’s a good one, thank you).

It would be a great option for people like myself who have all of their leads in both places. Most CRM’s I’ve used have a merge option in their import tools.

Agreed - and not just merge with third parties, but just a merge overall (for duplicate leads in the same system) < that part, the merge, is definitely already on the list.