Videos on Renaissance - which layout do you prefer?

We’ve had several requests for a video option on Renaissance, and we’ve come up with two different layout options! Now we need your feedback. Which do you prefer?

The first is pretty typical for a Renaissance deck - video to the right, text to the left.

The second is totally centred and a bit different. Very clean and spacious.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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I do like how the second presents and looks… video is in the centre and it looks hood. However, the first I feel fits better with the Renaissance theme and I also like the placement of the “watch video” button. It’s easier to read the write up about the video as well.


Thanks for the feedback @Tony! Good point about the button.

2nd one for me.


I feel that they both have value for different reasons… the first one would be great for integrating to neighbourhood pages and tours and the center one for listings… Great to have the options for sites taking advantage of both.

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Thanks @Foz! I could see you making use of this on your new site!

I prefer the first one but either is fine as we typically do video for our listings…

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Fan of the first option - consistent with the renaissance deck.
Looking at option 2 on mobile though does seem more aesthetic. The text layout flows better on mobile vs option 1.

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Where do you usually host your listing videos @WilfKnappers? YouTube?

Good point @aaviles!

Yes, we post our video’s on youtube. There’s still a couple left up as we do take them down once properties have sold… here’s the link to it in case you wanted to see it Heather Scullion - YouTube

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

@DeethuKr Can we chat about these in the next meeting with Morgan? Would be great to get this implemented soon!


Sure, adding it to our product roadmap for discussion with Morgan. Thanks @AmyPye

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Both please. :slight_smile:

@Agency239 I like the way you think.

Is this feature available now and how do we add it to our sites?

@Aayaam do you know if this made it into R & D yet?

Hi @Morgan, it is on our roadmap however yet to be picked up for discovery. I will add it to our next discovery discussion. Thank you!

Thanks my man