Virtual Open Houses - what's your process?

Hi All,
I’ve been seeing a lot of agents start to adapt and do “virtual open houses”. It seems everyone has a different method and gear to do theirs.

What are you doing for your virtual open houses? Facebook Live? Using a gimble? Are you using your phone or other equipment?

Looking for all your tips and suggestions!

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I’m curious about this as well, I haven’t seen any yet that were true virtual open houses, just a lot of people posted videos. We just did a video walkthrough we’re editing, using only an iphone and no special equipment, I think it turned out pretty well. We’d like to host virtual open houses this weekend and I’m thinking of just using facebook live, but I’d love to see some good examples if they’re out there.

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Some methods I’ve seen:

Facebook Live posted to the agents professional page : Using an Iphone (which can be shaky when walking through the house). I think agents would need an assistant in the home with them to help answer questions live and in real time.
*Safety note - As an agent we may want to consider safety precautions if we are alone in a home during a lockdown and broadcasting live.

Video tours/walk through (@livrealestate) which you mentioned. Can you tell us a bit more on how it went?

Has anyone used Instagram yet for their open houses?