Want To See Search Engine Ranking Success In 2023? Here’s What To Avoid

The goal of SEO has been to center development and optimization around the user experience. Every step is taken with the user in mind.

That is, until many companies simply decided that since the key to increasing organic traffic is to create as much related content to trending topics as possible, websites are becoming filled with content such as blog posts which are entirely unrelated to the business itself.

While this strategy may have worked before, due to the increasing speed of SEO proliferation, Google’s crawling will now begin to become suspicious of content that is simply traffic-targeted, rather than audience-targeted.

So, if you want to see your website rank highly on Google’s search engine results pages in 2023, you should be sticking to concepts and ideas which generally fall under your industry’s scope, and go from there.

This may seem tricky, as you may find yourself quickly running out of new topics to write about, but with plenty of content planning tools, this makes planning for SEO strategies much easier than you think.

What strategies or tools have you been using to come up with new topics for content directly related to your industry? If you’re curious about some more great tools, comment down below, and I’d love to give some great tips on some of the best resources for SEO experts (and non-experts)!

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I know there are a lot of other methods that get used first for generating blog ideas, but there’s one which I’ve found to be quite successful when the opportunity arises.

Basically, look around in your Search Console data for any long-tail search terms that you’re ranking for that you also didn’t expect to rank for. If you’re getting hits for searches that aren’t within your list of keywords with commercial intent, this may indicate a gap in available content online, and Google is serving up your site as its best guess.

This also means the searches are probably close enough that you can write a blog post targeting that keyword and have it still fall within your topic area or area of expertise.

Absolutely. The key here is writing a blog post targeting that keyword and have it still fall within your topic area or area of expertise.

As many sites may just find a trending topic that one of their keywords are ranking for and run with it - even if it’s not related to their industry or area of expertise. As long as businesses are integrating trending topics within their target audience, then this is the key to where they will hopefully find success in ranking higher in SERPs.