What Changes You May See To Your Site’s CTR By SERP Positions In 2023

Everything you know about CTRs (or Click-Through Rates) and how your site ranks in Google’s search engine results pages may be changing in 2023.

Previously, Google’s organic CTR breakdown according to ranking position has largely been attributed to the first three results achieving the most clicks.

However, as Google has just recently introduced a “Continuous Scrolling” feature on the desktop which now offers six pages worth of search results by simply scrolling down, this is bound to change the way your site will now show up.

If anything, this is a great opportunity for pages who were stuck on even page 2 of SERPs and beyond to get the recognition they deserve and fight their way to top rankings.

Aspects to look out for now to stand out in a continuously competitive SERP are things like meta descriptions and page titles. With users now looking at multiple webpage listings at once, you’ll certainly want to catch their attention in as little characters as possible.

Are you already making use of your page titles and meta descriptions? Let us know in the comments below what you think this new “Continuous Scrolling” feature means for CTRs in 2023.