What percentage of agents do zero deals?

Out of the 1.5 million Realtors or so, does anyone know how many do zero deals?

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I would love to know this number, I bet the number is higher then people think. I’m guessing in the 25% - 30% range.

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I’d imagine you’re pretty close with that number. Far too many people out there that think they can make a quick buck in real estate without putting in any work.

Well, I would guess 99% because every agent I talk with is top 1%.

That’s funny. Begs a different question though (might post this as a thread) what does it take to be top 5% in your market. Yup new thread coming up!

Arizona has 88,000 licensees. Of that 17,000 are currently inactive and not with a brokerage.

Arizona Regional MLS has around 44,000 members. 13,000 of those haven’t done a deal in the last 12 months. And another 18,000 have done less than $1mil in production.