What's new in the upcoming release!

Hello All,

Here are some of the new features you can expect in the upcoming release.

Are you a super admin seeking easy ways to assign action plans to leads :thinking:?
You can auto-assign action plans to leads based on their form submission. Once super admins add/hook these forms to their admin action plan, the action plans and pertinent tasks are automatically assigned to the leads when they submit the form.

Login as a super admin and goto REW-CRM >> CRM >> My Setup>> Action Plans to create a new action plan and add a/many form(s) to it. Here is a video tutorial to help you understand this feature better.

It is now possible to append multiple listings to an email sent to leads (Recommended Listings and Email option in lead details) :astonished:

As a backend user, simply click on the +Recommended Listings or Email option in REW-CRM >>lead details page and add multiple MLS listings from multiple feeds and dispatch them in a single email to the lead.

Introducing our new and improved multi-IDX feed switcher in Renaissance!!

The super admins can rename feeds in REW-CRM>>Settings>>IDX and the frontend user can seamlessly switch between multiple feeds in the quick search while searching for listings. Additionally, the Sell, Buy and Rent options have been repositioned underneath the quick search for websites with multiple feeds. We are certain that you would love this improved design!!

We added new alignment options on the quick search.

The list does not end there. As always, our team has dedicated their effort to hardening the product along with developing new and improved features!!

Kudos to our superheroes :man_superhero::woman_superhero:@MattPinneo @REW.Michael @Phil @FernandoOrtiz @Richard @Elianna for their hard work and support!!

Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas and thoughts here!! Stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming features! You can also connect with your Account Manager or Project Manager for updates.


Would like to see a way to bulk unassign from a group in the future from the ‘action mode’


@aaviles noted. Thank you.