Will leads get repeat emails if I change the days of an individual email in a campaign

I have a question about what happens when I change the day # in a campaign if a lead has already received the email. Let me give you an example.

• John Smith is assigned to group “Nurture” which is attached to a campaign where the Email #1 in the campaign is scheduled to go out on Day 1. John Smith successfully receives Email 1 on Day1.

• I decide that I want the initial email to now go out on Day 15 instead of Day 1. I change Email 1 Days to 15.

• Will John Smith receive that email again on Day 15? Or will the system recognize that he already received that email and not send it to him again on Day 15.

Hello @AdamStuhlfaut,

The Campaign Mailer should verify what emails have been sent. As long as email 1 has not been edited, the client should not receive it again.

Please let us know if this worked for you and our records are accurate! We want to ensure we are providing the correct information to our forum communities.

Have a wonderful day!

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