Winning After CORONA

Nobody knows how this corona crisis ends. But what you can do is expect the best, prepare for the worst. Because if you’re prepared for whatever happens (no matter how bad things get), you’ll win.

Here are 4 ways to prepare for what’s coming:

Get lean in your business and in your life. Cut expenses (the things you can do without), not investments (the things that give you value).

Get positive, stay positive. It’s not about denying reality. It’s about approaching the problem with a winning attitude. Studies show that positivity makes you 30% more effective in making decisions. This increases your confidence and your probability of success.

Give more. Focus on helping people. Listen to them and care. Making more money requires adding more value to people, now more than ever.

Get support. You need support now, more than ever before. Get into coaching and join a community of other agents who are committed to their success.

Always be prepared…so even when the worst happens, you’ll win!

Hi Rob,
I agree! John Cheplak said recently now is the time to double down! Double down on working hard, staying positive, and providing value to our clients! It’s also a time to invest where we can reasonably afford to.

I have started a new daily routine that involves making calls, dedicated time focused on at my systems/learning, and connecting with at least one agent a day to boost our spirits! @ReneeFunk you have been an amazing source of inspiration through all of this!

I believe the theme of COVID-19 is CONNECTION. Everyone is at home right now and it’s an awesome opportunity to make calls. I have had some very amazing and intimate calls with buyer leads these last few weeks. Talk about "re-humanizing’ the business. Speaking of, Bombomb has been delivering some great results too!

I’ll give you one example. It’s a small example but it’s really interesting. I was going through, a few weeks ago, this was before all this really hit us, and I was managing one of my mobile apps. I don’t remember what it was, but I went into my iPhone, the app store, and I was managing my apps, and I didn’t realize it said, “If you want to turn off the subscription or cancel it, here’s where you do them.” And I went to do it and I’m like, “It shows me all these subscriptions that I have on my mobile apps, on my iPhone, that are paid apps.” I had four apps on my phone that were charging me money that I did not even know were there. Okay. My fault, my bad. I wasn’t paying attention to my money enough, but it was there and I’m like, “Well, so …” And of the four, three of them I didn’t need. Like boom, cut, turn that one off, turn that one off. So I saved like 10 or 15 bucks a month right there. Right? And it was stuff I didn’t … I wasn’t using it, I didn’t even know I was spending it.

So, get lean, get into your finances, pay attention to every dollar, where it’s going. You want to protect your cash, you want to protect your cash flow, and yet you still want to be spending the money where you need to that will keep your business moving forward. If you’re doing marketing, you’re investing in marketing and it’s making you money, and it’s getting you leads, getting you business, don’t quit doing that. You want to keep making the money, right?