Working on the latest design - code name Sagittarius

Hello all, I hope everyone is safe at home tonight.

Since we’re all quarantined for several weeks (I’m on day 13) I figured it was a great time to complete some projects and double down on some R & D work the team and I have been working on.

I’m posting some screenshots of the newest website design we’ve been working on. It’s code name is Sagittarius (we don’t have a name for it yet).

The idea was to come up with something new that could really be used to focus on high end/luxury segments of the market but is also flexible enough to be an amazing site for all markets.

I’d love to get your feedback:

Here are some screenshots:


The look and feel are all about class and luxury. Dark colors make the images really stand out, and we’re showcasing the most important elements: Access to available inventory (new quick search bar has built-in “Buy, Sell” with Buy connected to IDX and Sell connected to our CMA (soon to be replaced by our new “watch list” product, more no that later)

Featured Listings, Neighborhoods and team members round out the focus. What do you think?

(More screens in thread)

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Updates to the side/side map search with a new “Filters” fly out. Check out what happens next when you click on it!

Here is the new fly out. I love how the team has organized the auto-updating search fields.

I’m still working on the details page (would love your ideas here) what is your favorite details page and why? Who has the best CTA’s? (please explain)

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I love the idea to pop that large piece out to the side. Consumer woud have a ton of info to sort through, however it could be to much. After you hit filter and it pops right maybe its a smaller bar and and has another flyout to more detailed criteria.

Nice - looks great!
Keep it as clean and functional as possible.
As you know, Consumer behavior dictates graphics that can relate to them, easy navigation to the immediate data they need - then to be able to immediately engage if they choose. A simple connector to that last statement would be to have a functionality where any consumer can see if an agent is on the site and available. Especially in this environment.

I think that is the function of live chat, and REW Websites are compatible with all sorts of live chat options. Great point though :slight_smile:

Hey @ryanplace , that screenshot is just to show what “all” of the stuff looks like, the info is actually organized most to least important (relative terms) and there is a built in scroller into the browser with an update results button at any time. What it actually looks like in the browser looks more like this (I’ve updated the screenshot above too)

Nice work. What will be your pricing model?

YES! I will be updating my Fredrik to this… have been waiting for something just as clean and modern. The simpler the better… honestly I love my Fredrik, super clean. Wish you guys would have just updated it…
Will the main image cover the entire screen until you scroll down?
Will this site have community pages?
Will there be text above the search bar?

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This is the Community Page I was referring to…

I would like to see a listings results page. Also, very interested to see how it looks on mobile.

The look and feel of the Home page is good. I would like the “our neighborhoods” page to change featured listings depending on which neighborhood is selected. And to be able to select neighborhood and stay on the same page - to allow easy browsing between neighborhoods.

I would need to be able to customize to rely less on the map. It’s not that useful in my application.

Again, most important thing would be how it looks and acts on mobile.

For this site? We haven’t discussed it, but in general?
Single user is $300 USD per month (website, IDX, CRM, lead app)
Up to 25 users is $499 per month (website, IDX, CRM, Leads app and sub domain websites for agents)
Past 25 users is $20 a month :slight_smile:

Custom work is $200 an hour.

On image I mocked it up both ways, we’re leaning towards showing a “bit” of what is below (as per mockup) so the user knows to scroll. Similar to how Compass does it. Easy customization to make it full screen though.

Community pages? (Yes of course!) I’ll grab the mockup for those. Some folks complained that the discover did not have sidebar links (for SEO) this one will have that option.

Text above the search bar: Not how I have envisioned it, but easy enough to make an option.

The listings results page was posted (it’s the one with the mortgage calculator on it) - still needs a bit of work though on the CTA’s

We’ll get on mobile comps as soon as overall direction is approved and we’ve gathered feedback. You’re right, mobile is massive, and we’ll make sure we give it lots of love.

PS - care to share (with listings websites) who you think has the best mobile experience (non app) and why? Screenshots or links are appreciated.

Is there a hamburger/main menu? and also will there a a map on the property page??

Love it Very Clean!

  1. Phone number on main Menu Header - It would be nice to have a sticky menu with different options when scrolled. I don’t want to search or click to find it. Especially want this number “clickable” when displayed on mobile.

  2. I would like text and HTML links above the search box on main search box on hero pic.

  3. I would love a simple banner extension for different things like opens, parties or general info that could turn on and off. Needs linking ability and time constraints (date/time to date/time)

  4. I would love the Neighborhood section customizable - the header text and what the IDX displays - for instance, Golf Course Homes, Gated Communities, School districts, etc.

  5. Under Meet our Team block - scrolling testimonial block with connections from different providers like Zillow to Real Satisfied to Google.

  6. On search page - could we “move” sections of the search like school district search to the top or a custom IDX search we’ve added like “On The Golf Course” - would love that customization! Be sure that Price min/max is on the top…

  7. On Listing page - would love a “post to FB, Insta etc” from that featured listing’s landing page using a style guide built for those social sizes for the agents to use linking back to that listing page. Able add pixel for tracking and remarketing.

  8. On listing page - can property calculator info be set to an auto property listing sent to the client and similar listings (can add more info for a trade for an email address) and have that lead sent round-robin or to specific criteria (area or type) to 3 or more mortgage providers that are setup in backend?


LOVE the look of the home page, like the font chosen at the top but the font for ‘Neighbourhoods’ doesn’t have the same fit and feel.

Compass by far is my favorite brand but I think their home page with the split image looks cheap. IMO. Anyhow something that I do like is the contact agent on the property page with the agents info and picture… maybe have it as a round robin for agents or assigned to the listing agent…

Looks solid. I like the clean, crisp lines

I like my initial quick look at functionality. The pop out to the side is keen. Love that!

I suggest always err on the side of simple and less.

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