Working on the latest design - code name Sagittarius

The listings results page was posted (it’s the one with the mortgage calculator on it) - still needs a bit of work though on the CTA’s

We’ll get on mobile comps as soon as overall direction is approved and we’ve gathered feedback. You’re right, mobile is massive, and we’ll make sure we give it lots of love.

PS - care to share (with listings websites) who you think has the best mobile experience (non app) and why? Screenshots or links are appreciated.

Is there a hamburger/main menu? and also will there a a map on the property page??

Love it Very Clean!

  1. Phone number on main Menu Header - It would be nice to have a sticky menu with different options when scrolled. I don’t want to search or click to find it. Especially want this number “clickable” when displayed on mobile.

  2. I would like text and HTML links above the search box on main search box on hero pic.

  3. I would love a simple banner extension for different things like opens, parties or general info that could turn on and off. Needs linking ability and time constraints (date/time to date/time)

  4. I would love the Neighborhood section customizable - the header text and what the IDX displays - for instance, Golf Course Homes, Gated Communities, School districts, etc.

  5. Under Meet our Team block - scrolling testimonial block with connections from different providers like Zillow to Real Satisfied to Google.

  6. On search page - could we “move” sections of the search like school district search to the top or a custom IDX search we’ve added like “On The Golf Course” - would love that customization! Be sure that Price min/max is on the top…

  7. On Listing page - would love a “post to FB, Insta etc” from that featured listing’s landing page using a style guide built for those social sizes for the agents to use linking back to that listing page. Able add pixel for tracking and remarketing.

  8. On listing page - can property calculator info be set to an auto property listing sent to the client and similar listings (can add more info for a trade for an email address) and have that lead sent round-robin or to specific criteria (area or type) to 3 or more mortgage providers that are setup in backend?


LOVE the look of the home page, like the font chosen at the top but the font for ‘Neighbourhoods’ doesn’t have the same fit and feel.

Compass by far is my favorite brand but I think their home page with the split image looks cheap. IMO. Anyhow something that I do like is the contact agent on the property page with the agents info and picture… maybe have it as a round robin for agents or assigned to the listing agent…

Looks solid. I like the clean, crisp lines

I like my initial quick look at functionality. The pop out to the side is keen. Love that!

I suggest always err on the side of simple and less.

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I am calling the listings results page the one with the big map on it I guess. It’s the page after a search that shows multiple listing results. Will there be the ability to be less map oriented or to not occupy half the page with map and/or search refining options?

I don’t understand what “fly out” is.

For mobile, I don’t have a specific page that I would like to use as an example. I like generous pictures that take up almost the entire width of the screen, but not the height. Clear summary information related to the picture. A lot of times it’s hard to tell if the description corresponds to the picture above or below. I want my users to easily browse and quickly consume the listings. If they feel it’s too cumbersome or too much text, they will move on. The vast majority of my traffic is mobile, which is users looking for fast info. I want to give them photo rich content with brief descriptions that they can quickly understand. I believe efficiency is the key to keeping their attention.

I like to offer predefined searches by community, development and type.

Also, landing pages would be good to see a mockup of!

Would be nice to have a staging site we could play with. But more importantly what does mobile look like in all of those snapshots. Side by sides of those are important to see how adaptive the responsive design is. Thank you.

For sure, Staging site is next, just need to finish mockups first. I agree, there will be far more feedback once we’re pushing the buttons :slight_smile:

The design is great! Clean, fresh and modern. In general, I would like to see how your website can feature not only individual team members (a.k.a. brokerage agents), but also small teams within the brokerage. The trend is going towards small teams and the website should be able to present them properly.

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This looks great. Can you support nested URL’s as a standard featureI. It currently is a significant custom effort with REW .Many of the competitive sites offer it as a way to improve optimization.

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Do you mean /folder/sub-folder/file.hp

Example []
I spoke to my sales rep Jason Phee on this and it was estimated. He indicated others have requested and implemented .

Hey Morgan, yes that’s what she’s talking about. We’ve been discussing plans and that was a big piece for the structuring of her site moving forward.

Worth capturing for sure! @Aayaam please make a note on nested URL structure, this is an approved request.


@Morgan Noted! Thanks everyone!

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It looks great. But I’m most interested in functionality. For instance please include ranges for year built, bedrooms, baths and square footage. If someone wants a home between 1500-2000 sq ft, or a mid-century home built between 1950-1965 there is no way for them to search for that on an REW site.

Also why not just include all the available info from the MLS on the listing details pages, and also in the IDX snippets? Fields like HOA dues and what they include, appliances, room sizes, “main floor master”, flooring type, garage spaces, etc. If other sites have that info (and many do) and ours don’t people will quit coming back. If we had access to that info in the IDX snippets we could create great pages for long tail searches like “Homes in Ventura Keys with the master on the main floor” “Homes in Summerlin with Tile Roofs” “Mid-Century Homes in LA with Gas Appliances” etc. That would be awesome.

Done and Done! :slight_smile: we already designed it that way.

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As for mapping ALL MLS Data, there are few good reasons not to.

#1: The product needs to work in all markets, thus we map data that is generally and consistently available in all markets. There are a few exceptions where we have lots of clients in a specific market, but you can’t (for instance) have “horse properties” as a default search for everyone, since that is rare in most feeds.

#2: Data availability. Just because it is “in the feed” (as a field) doesn’t mean agents fill it in. The vast majority of fields available in say a RESO standard feed are optional, and not filled out by agents (thus there is nothing but null values in the feed) including too granular a search to the public provides frustrating results (most of the time coming up with zero results which they can perceive as the site actually being broken (since no matter what they search they get nothing)

#3: Cost: Let’s say we have 400 feeds and each of them has 300 fields. We generally map 100 of the most common (for example) that is 200 fields left per feed. That is roughly 80,000 additional fields we’d have to map, 3-4 hours to implement properly with additional QA and hardening since it’s at the product level, you have 320,000 hours of work. At a retail opportunity cost of $200 USD, that would be roughly $64M ~ this is probably a high estimate, but even if was half of that, the reality is it’s not feasible or a good investment to map fields that are rarely used. Hence why we charge customers if they “really want” some obscure field.

All that being said, we are evaluating our feeds and what is “common” and are expanding them where clearly common fields could be added for your benefit (or new fields like “coming soon” for example)

That’s fantastic news! Glad to see those fields are back.

And I get what you’re saying about all those detail fields. “Garbage in Garbage out” is definitely a big issue with listing agents. Thanks for reviewing the common fields and expanding to add some more. Redfin is such a category killer that we need to have at least the same info they do on our listing detail pages.