Pre-Qualified Real Estate Leads

real estate leads at your fingertips

Fresh Real Estate Leads, Guaranteed!

Our Full Service Leads (FSL) program is the easiest way to get new clients in the door.

We'll generate a guaranteed 1200 real estate leads to your website (included in the package) each year, attracting fresh potential clients to your business. Then, our talented First Call Agents (FCA's) will phone each and every lead to vet their interests, warm them up, and begin building a relationship on your behalf.

You'll get an ongoing collection of pre-qualified leads, primed and ready to become your next clients. All you have to do is set the first meeting!

1200 New Leads Per Year

The concept behind FSL is simple: we generate 1200 leads per year, and then our FCAs phone those leads to warm them up. You don't have to waste a second of your time on lead generation. Closing new deals online has never been so easy!

The REW CRM Includes:

  • REW Website & SaaS
  • Guaranteed Leads
  • PPC Services
  • FCA Lead Follow-up

Our Full Service Leads program helps you be the best, letting you spend your work time where it matters most: buying and selling real estate. We offer a 1200 real estate lead package, ensuring you have a steady stream of new clients for your business.

No fuss, no muss—just lots of leads.