Google Maps Upgrade

This webpage has been created to give you an overview of the impact of Google Maps's upgrade from its current Version 2 to its new Version 3 by November 19th, 2013 and what options we have made available to you.

Please take some time to read about the changes and how it may affect the usability of your website, and consider the solutions we are able to offer in order to keep your site unaffected by any possible impact from the Google Maps upgrade.

What could this mean for you?

The most likely effects, if you do not upgrade, are that the parts of your website using Google Maps might cease to function or potentially display an error message. Both outcomes would impact the usability and professionalism of your webpage.

Solutions that we are able to offer!

Upgrade to our state-of-the-art 4.3 backend.

  • Brand new backend for your website
  • Comes with Google Maps Version 3
  • Includes many new features
  • Enhanced Internet presence

Alternatively, we are able to "patch" your 4.0 and 4.1 backend to give them the updated maps.

  • Fixes Google Maps
  • Does not come with any new features

Further Steps

Real Estate Webmasters can offer you two options to start the process. You can either place your request for an estimate online using the form below and we will get back to you with the estimate, or you can request one of our senior sales representatives to get in touch with you in order to discuss your options in more detail.

Either way, we'll be happy to make the transition as convenient as possible for you and your business.

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