Guaranteed ROI Program

Increase your revenue — not your risk.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that smart online marketing will result in increased return and revenue. However, even rocket scientists aren’t immune to the risks involved in the reality of online real estate marketing. What you need is a way to gain all the advantages of a proper real estate marketing program,  without any of the risks.

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Introducing the Guaranteed ROI Program.

The Guaranteed ROI Program provides REW website customers with all the pieces you need to quickly generate and convert leads into sales. We’re so confident our program will work, we guarantee at least a 110% return on your digital investment or we will make up the difference.
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The Guaranteed ROI Program Includes:

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Lead Generation

Increase your pipeline, increase your sales

REW’s online advertising team will target, create, maintain, and optimize your online advertising activity to drive buyers and sellers in your market to your REW website and convert them into leads.

REW is a Google Premier Partner and the REW online advertising team uses a combination of Google Adwords and Facebook to provide a premium, full-service program. We develop and manage the campaign entirely on your behalf—from setting up your account to crafting targeted keyword lists, writing compelling ad copy, and developing campaigns that are optimized to generate leads.

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First Call Agent Service

Start the relationship off right

REW has partnered with (ISA), a company specializing in lead follow up for the real estate industry. ISA will provide Guaranteed ROI customers with their First Call Agent service to help you convert more of your leads into sales.

The First Call Agent service is designed to verify and validate lead details, and begin building a relationship for you.

In today’s competitive real estate market, contacting your leads quickly is imperative. The average consumer registers on multiple sites and often works with the agent or company that contacts them first. To maximize your chance of winning new clients, the First Call Agent service will ensure your leads are called within 10 minutes of a lead submission and will record detailed notes about the lead directly into your REW CRM. These notes will also be emailed directly to the assigned agent and any leads looking to buy within 30 days will be immediately transferred to your team.

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Lead Conversion Consultation

Followed up with a follow-up plan

What do you do once you get a lead? Well, if you’re like most Realtors, you don’t really have a plan. To help you maximize your success, REW has partnered with, a company that specializes in lead follow up for the real estate industry. ISA will provide you with a 1 hour lead conversion consultation that will provide you with a tailored plan designed to help your Realtors convert those leads into sales.

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Monthly reporting

Keep a pulse on performance

How will you know it’s working? The monthly Guaranteed ROI report will provide you with performance statistics on both lead generation and First Call Agent services.

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110% increase

Guaranteed 110% return

No more risk

If you complete your follow-up tasks, Real Estate Webmasters will guarantee you receive a positive ROI or we’ll make up the difference.

Talk to a Product Consultant about terms and conditions.

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