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Guaranteed Sale

How Guaranteed Sale Works...

Guaranteed Sale is the ultimate call-to-action, proven by its ability to convert online visitors into hot leads!

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Lock in sellers leads and enhance your business with the exclusive Guaranteed Sale program.

Guaranteed Sales is an extraordinary system that gets results. By combining a highly effective Call-To-Action with expert paid ad services, Guaranteed Sale is able to drive targeted leads directly to you.

Your captured leads are delivered directly into the Real Estate Webmasters platform, via our API, allowing you to follow up using our highly effective lead management system and suite of lead conversion tools..

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Advanced Advertising

Advanced Advertising Techniques

Real Estate Webmasters has the ability and means to drive a significant amount of traffic to the Guaranteed Sale CTA, using advanced paid advertising techniques. With refined ad copy and highly targeted keywords, this search engine marketing strategy has consistently been able to provide low cost leads with high value potential.

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Highly Exclusive Opportunity

When a user selects their address and fills out the Guaranteed Sale form, they are automatically matched with the exclusive real estate agent for their area. We only allow one agent per city, making this an elite opportunity for only the most ambitious individuals. Our exclusive model allows each participating agent to harness the power of a national ad campaign without the cost (or irrelevant leads)!

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Superior Conversion

Superior Conversion Tools

Using REW's lead management system and suite of innovative lead follow up tools, it's easier than ever to follow up with Guaranteed Sale leads and convert them into new clients. From phone dialers and call tracking to email campaigns and reminder notifications, we've got you covered.

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