ARMLS Custom IDX Solutions For MLS Listings

The best ARMLS IDX on the market

A custom IDX (or built in MLS Solution) is one where we take the data in raw form and build a completely integrated IDX solution. The MLS search is "part of the website". Because of this integration, the IDX becomes what is known as spiderable - meaning search engines can crawl the data on your website and will list all listings you showcase (yours and those of other Realtors) as pages of your site. This drives traffic to your site for all MLS listings and generates hundreds of additional leads every year.

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Why go with custom IDX?

  • Completely matches your custom design - with a custom IDX we match your built in IDX to your website. Our team of programmers and designers work to custom skin every part of your MLS solution - color matching search results, details pages, inquiry features, maps and more! 

  • Be completely different than the competition - at Real Estate Webmasters you can order a completely different design and feature set for your IDX. This way even if other Realtors in your marketplace have an REW IDX yours will still be completely unique. REW is the only major custom IDX provider that offers this service design process. Companies like Diverse Solutions, IDX Broker, Boomtown ROI and anyone else do not offer customizations to their IDX. If you go with the competition you will look like everyone else. Don't you want to stand out in market? 

  • Build custom integrations for your CRM and more! - ALL Real Estate Webmasters websites come with our CRM which is already AMAZING! It connects to the IDX and is fed an extremely detailed click stream and provides tons of information on your leads. But with REW you can do even more! Anything you can think of in terms of data, tools, analytics we can build it! All you need is the budget and imagination!

Can REW setup a feed from my MLS Board?

We're an approved vendor for all of the boards you see below, and if you don't see your board in the list, it's probably because we simply haven't setup a feed for someone in your market, yet. But we probably can—just ask us!

Boards We already Work with