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Garden State MLS®

The Garden State MLS®, located in Parsippany, NJ, offers members with real estate listing information available in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Hunterdon County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County and Warren County. The website provides members with a host of information on properties, resources, tools, technical support, a mobile website and more.

GSMLS Website

99% of the residential properties multiple listed with the Garden State are available on the GSMLS website through the member only service. Other services on the site include open house searches, office searches, forms for members including IDX agreements, MLS® forms and listing input sheets, applications, information on Smart Framing, the GSML SX logo, rules and regulations and a variety of other resources.


The Garden State MLS listings offer images for nearly all homes available and provide some of the most comprehensive property details for North Jersey. GSMLS IDX data on the site reflects all current and active listings information for the various property types marked to be published. Recently added or sold listings are shown as their status changes, so only the most recent information is provided in the MLS® database at the time of a search.

Garden State MLS® IDX Information

Acquiring your feed:
Real Estate Webmasters is experienced with the steps of obtaining a feed for the Garden State MLS. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.
Available for:
Agent with Broker Signoff
Estimated feed approval time:
5 business days
If no feed is available to "agents":
If you having difficulty obtaining permission from your broker to obtain an IDX feed, please contact Real Estate Webmasters.
Limits / Rules:
The use of IDX logos, listing broker information, disclaimers and copyright notices are required for all Garden State MLS IDX's.
Official Website:
Geo-codes provided:
Mapping Available:
Multiple photos:
Approximate number of listings:
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