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Extend your reach and go mobile. REW's Standalone iOS solution lets you publish your very own app in the App Store to deliver the native experience customers demand.

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branded IDX on mobile

Made just for you

Your brand is important, and so is the user experience.
That's why we start with our proven rewIDX mobile platform as the foundation — then work to create a unique branded look that captures you and your business.

Thanks to seamless integration with your REW website, new prospects go straight to your Lead Manager and current customers continue to use their existing accounts to search on the go. It's like they never left.

Connected all the way

Since your iOS App ties directly to your Lead Manager, you can continue to manage your relationships the same way you always have — using REW's familiar backend system. Your leads' contact information, viewed listings, favorite listings, and saved searches appear under their account just like any other IDX user on your site.

Your site's registration settings also influence your app. If you force registration after three property views, you can be sure that the same restrictions will be present on iOS.

For your users, this direct connection with your site means they can save a search in your app and view it later on the desktop. The opposite is also true — save a favorite on the site and get instant access to it on mobile.

branded apps on multiple devices
map search on mobile

Lightning fast

Getting results has never been this quick. With instant access to Nearby listings, your users can begin their search without having to enter criteria first. Properties can be visualized on a Map or summarized in List view with the tap of a button.

Finding properties in a specific area is just as easy. Your iOS app features the same Polygon & Radius searching that your customers have come to expect from your IDX. Just draw using your finger and let your device do the rest!

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Take your business to the next level with your own branded app.

With you everywhere

Just like on your site, customers can save their searches for later viewing. The in-app Profile Settings allow them to opt into new match alerts and marketing updates from your team — all sent by your REW website. Adding properties to Favorites is also just a tap away.

For your agents, recommending properties & searches to leads is just as easy to do from the Backend. Recommendations are clearly marked within the iOS app and allow your customers to take action on them.

saved favorite listings
listing details view

Thoroughly beautiful

Beautifully rendered property details are easy to read & interact with. Grant your customers a fixed or unlimited number of detail views before prompting them to sign up. As expected, requesting more information and saving properties to Favorites is intuitive and quick.

Always in touch

Your site's Messaging system — part of the Dashboard — exists in your iOS app as well. Stay in touch with your customers and answer their questions directly from the Backend. Start a new conversation and be sure that users will be notified about it via email and within the app itself.

text messages in app

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Take your business to the next level with your own branded app.