We Present the "Limited Edition Custom" Websites, Named for their Custom Feel & availability to multiple clients, but limited by Market.

High-End, Low-Cost, Custom Realty Sites

Most real estate professionals want that custom website look for their sites, with an extremely customized, search engine friendly MLS search experience & built-in blogging platform, but they don't necessarily want to go through the hair-pulling development process that accompanies a truly custom website. LEC's are an easy investment decision–they cost less than a fully-custom site & you already know how the site is going to look & work before you commit to paying for it!

Here's What You'll be Getting:

An Attractive, Modern Website
Industry-Leading Built-in IDX
Web-Based Lead Management
Web-Based Content Management

The number of unique visitors who visit my site grow every day. My leads are also increasing. I am doing well in the search engines and am very happy that I made the move to Real Estate Webmasters.

Marc Rasmussen, Dwell Real Estate

Let's Get Started...

Is an LEC Right for You?

  • Market Exclusivity - Our LEC websites are popping up in every major city, but they're still exclusive and unique in each market. That's because we offer them with an exclusivity clause – your local competitors can't get the same site unless they buy it from you. This is the great thing about the real estate industry; an agent in Portland doesn't care if another guy in Chicago has a similar looking site — especially if it's saving him $12,000 to "share" the design.

  • Custom, But Better - The LEC's were a great move for Real Estate Webmasters – not only because we're able to make money by building them, but because they make our clients more money, too (which trickles back).

    But why do the LEC's perform so well? Simply put, it's because we put so much of our experience into engineering their functionality and design. We asked ourselves, "Who should plan the information architecture of a custom real estate website?" We realized it should be us, most of the time, instead of a real estate agent.

  • Scalable on our Platform - We support our LEC sites just like any other sites on our platform. (Updates for security and functionality are made available for all of our sites.) And, the new tools we develop each year are made to work on the LEC's, so there's no worry about finding that your choices are limited, down the road. In fact, you can upgrade to a fully custom REW site at any time, and take your hard work (your content) with you.