LEC 2015

Quick guide covering the new features



LEC 2015 Features

Congratulations on your new LEC 2015 through Real Estate Webmasters! The guide below will introduce you to some of the new features and snippets the LEC 2015 comes with.

When you're ready to get started, jump down to Just got my new LEC 2015 - where do I begin? and we'll show you what to change to start setting up your new site.

LEC 2015 Features

LEC Homepage

The LEC 2015's homepage contains some dynamic call to actions that can be managed from the CMS. Update their content, swap out photos and re-order the call-to-actions by drag & drop.

LEC Navigation

The LEC 2015 has a pretty advanced navigation snippet. It includes drop down menus that have search tools and dynamic content pulled from featured listings, featured communities and featured agents. The navigation is cached for 1 hour and can be updated by re-saving the #navigation# snippet.

Dismiss listing from search results

Visitors can now hide listings from being shown on their searches as well as on snippet pages. Dismissed listings can be managed from the dashboard and can still be found if searching by MLS® number.

Search criteria tags

When viewing search results, criteria that is in affect will be shown as search tags on the page. This allows you to know what filters are being applied and allows them to be easily removed.

Property mortgage calculator

Calculate monthly payment from the listing details page using the mortgage calculator.

Similar properties for sale

Listing details page includes similar properties for sale in the same zip code. Similar properties have the same status/type/subtype and are priced 25% higher or lower of the listing being viewed.

Easily search for an agent by name, any agents whose name contain your keyword will be shown.

Agent testimonials

Testimonials manager now allows an agent to be credited with the recognition they deserve.

LEC Snippets
















Just got my new LEC 2015 - where do I begin?

Congratulations on your purchase of the new LEC 2015 through Real Estate Webmasters! We've written a quick guide below to help you start setting up your new site.

You'll need to log into the backend of the website to make any changes. The 'Welcome to Real Estate Webmasters' email you received will contain a link to your LEC 2015 as well as the login information.

The snippets listed below all contain HTML as well as default text. You will just be editing parts of the snippet, but if you accidentally delete too much, like a bit of the HTML code that is in there, you can just click the Revert this Snippet checkbox when editing the snippet to restore the default content.

1. Update the phone number that displays on your new website via CMS > Manage Snippets > #phone-number#


2. Update the contact information that displays on bottom of the website via CMS > Manage Snippets > #footer-contact#


3. Update the social media links that are include in the footer via CMS > Manage Snippets > #social-share#


4. Update the branding images that are included in the website's footer via CMS > Manage Snippets > #footer-logos#


5. Update the image that is being included on the property mortgage calculator via CMS > Manage Snippets > #cta-calculator#


6. Add some featured listings to your website from the backend via Listings > Featured Listings


7. Setup your account (upload photo, set title, agent bio, etc) and set to Show on Agents Page and Display on Agents Feature


8. Add some featured communities via CMS > Tools > Featured Communities and update the placeholder links in CMS > Manage Snippets > #navigation#


9. Update the homepage's default content via CMS > Homepage


Our developers will replace your site's logo (you'll need to provide the logo):

Recommended Image Sizes

Recommended image sizes for the LEC 2015 featured slideshow and call to action images are:

  • Slideshow Images: 1600px x 700px
  • Call to Actions: 670px x 450px
  • Feature CTAs: 680px x 150px
  • Company CTA: 980px x 750px

Additional Resources

Backend Manual

These resources will require the following login information:

  Username: rew
  Password: rew

Contacting Support

Our support team is here and ready to help you via telephone, online chat and email 7 days a week from 6am - 6pm (PST)

Phone: 1-877-753-9893
Email: support@realestatewebmasters.com