Real Estate Marketing Bundles

PPC, SEO & Social Media Marketing Bundles For Real Estate

Combine the power of all of Real Estate Webmasters’ extremely effective marketing strategies! Savvy real estate agents know that the best results come from a hybrid approach to online marketing that utilizes SEO, PPC and social media together. Our experts will come up with a marketing strategy that caters to your business’ unique needs and generates results.

Our marketing bundles take a three-pronged approach to your online success:

PPC: Our premium PPC service lets you receive more leads, of higher quality, almost instantaneously—and we do all the work! Backed by propriety R&D technology and a track-record worth bragging about, our PPC team knows how to get you qualified leads, fast. We set up your account, craft compelling ad campaigns, monitor the results and continue to improve the campaign as it matures.

SEO: Develop a highly competitive website using our proven Search Engine Optimization methods and organic content development strategies. We’ll help you optimize existing pages, create new content, research keyword opportunities, plan the growth of your site and ultimately generate leads.

Social Media: Build your audience, generate brand awareness and create a strong community surrounding your business. We can give you the social media guidance you need to successfully interact and engage with communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Our marketing bundles are extremely flexible, allowing us to modify your strategy to ensure you’re getting the best possible value for your money. We’ll consider both short-term and long-term objectives, and work with you to develop initiatives that will help you meet your own targets.


What Will I Get?:

Dedicated SEO Expert
Dedicated PPC Expert
Social Media Guidance
High-Quality Content Development
Free SEO Audit

Real Estate Marketing Options

We have two levels of real estate marketing bundles, allowing us to cater to your budget:

Premium Marketing Bundle

Our premium bundle combines our SEO, PPC and social media packages. In addition to PPC management, you'll receive 20 hours of combined SEO and social media work per month. Plus, we'll throw in a free SEO audit ($500 value) at the beginning of your campaign!

Platinum Marketing Bundle

*An Exclusively Elite Option*

Our platinum marketing bundle includes everything available in the premium marketing bundle, plus some extremely effective extras. Our platinum marketing bundle has a minimum opt in rate, but your monthly budget is the limiting factor in how much extra time we can invest in your campaigns. Regardless, we'll automatically double your PPC management and include advanced social media services as soon as you sign up. Talk to your sales rep to find out more about this exclusive option!

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