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The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, also known as the NEFAR, has a total five service centers and is headquartered in Jacksonville Florida. The NEFAR serves a wide area and has offices in Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Palatka and the World Golf Village. This is your number one MLS resource for the Northeast Florida region. The NEFAR board proudly serves more than 5,000 members and has recently acquired a subsidiary MLS service known as the NEFMLS.

Real Estate Webmasters: Custom IDX Solutions

The expertise and knowledge of NEFAR will ensure that your listings attain the best exposure on the market. Paired with the custom listing services of Real Estate Webmasters, your site’s lead generating abilities will surpass industry expectations. Real Estate Webmasters provides advanced IDX solutions for NEFAR, featuring custom maps and property searches to enhance your real estate website and property listings. You’ll be on a fast track to success with these two powerful services.

NEFAR Member Benefits

NEFAR has cutting edge technology and provides members with the tools and resources needed to maximize their listing services. As a subscriber, you can take advantage of the many services offered by the board including detailed market research and reports, plenty of practical in-class training, and access to the Public Records System.

NEFAR IDX Information

Acquiring your feed:
We have all of the details for obtaining an IDX data feed and can walk you through the process. Contact Real Estate Webmasters and we will be willing to help.
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Agent with Broker Signoff
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Contact Real Estate Webmasters for all of the details on IDX access for agents of the Northeast Florida MLS.
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