SOCAL IDX Solutions : Custom Providers of Southern California MLS

SOCAL - Southern California MLS

Acquiring your feed:
REW is an approved data vendor for SOCAL MLS and can provide IDX solutions to all authorized members of the SOCAL MLS. Contact Real Estate Webmasters to start the application process.
Available for:
Agent with Broker Signoff
Estimated feed approval time:
5 business days
If no feed is available to "agents":
Real Estate Webmasters is able to provide IDX access to all authorized members of the SoCal MLS who have their broker's permission. If you are having difficulties obtaining this permission or do not know how to, please contact Real Estate Webmasters.
Limits / Rules:
Standard update, display, and disclaimer rules apply. Of note, a search limit of 300 and prohibition of the use of 'mls' or 'multiplelistingservice' in any URLs.
Official Website:
Geo-codes provided:
Mapping Available:
Multiple photos:
Approximate number of listings:
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