Ordering a Custom Project

How to Contact Sales

Are you looking for custom development work or marketing services for your REW website but you're not sure how to get in touch with Sales? Please use one of the following three options. Thank you!

  1. Contact your dedicated product consultant by sending them an email.
  2. Call the Sales line to speak to a product consultant immediately (877-753-9893).
  3. Fill out the Request Info form.

Custom work order specifics: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Customer requests a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) on new work

All new work must be estimated. To expedite the process, please provide as many details and specifics as possible when requesting new work. Rough Orders of Magnitude (ROM) are based on a rough estimation of billable hours required for completion, however final billing is based on actual time required to complete the project, so final billing may differ from the original estimate. Estimates must be provided to the customer in writing via email from a sales person.

Step 2: Customer receives and approves ROM

Once a written estimate is received by the customer, the customer must approve the estimate in writing via email (to a sales person).

Step 3: Deposit invoice is sent

Advanced payment is required for all work orders. All work orders must be 10 hours or more. Once a customer approves a ROM, billing will send an invoice for 100% of the estimated time for completion. No new projects may go into the production schedule without a deposit.

Step 4: Invoice is paid, project is created, and Professional Services team is assigned

Once the invoice is paid, a project is created in our project management system and the team members are assigned. These Professional Services team members will contact the customer directly to provide an expected time for completion and to request any information needed to complete the project.

Please note, any delay in response from the customer will cause delays in the delivery of the completed project. Significant delay in response may result in the project being removed from the Professional Services team's schedule and/or any balance owing for hours completed to date to be invoiced.

Step 5: Project completed, balance due

Once the Professional Services team has completed the project, the customer will be notified and an invoice for the remaining balance on the project is due.