Our Work

JB Goodwin Realtors

Austin & San Antonio, Texas

The new JBGoodwin.com website is meant to delight, inspire, and help people buy and sell homes in Texas with ease. Striking visuals, a clean design, streamlined navigation, and a superior user experience are just a few of the features that help JB Goodwin Realtors stand out from the competition and dominate in their markets. 

C21 Atria

Toronto, Ontario

Century 21 Atria does a fantastic job of creating a site that's highly visual, balancing imagery and heavy blocks of text with expert skill. Note how the site puts real estate at the forefront of every page, making it easy for visitors to find the properties that likely brought them to the site in the first place.

Agency 239

Naples, Florida

Just try not to fall in love with Florida as you browse this site, which has been meticulously updated by Agency 239 without using custom work. Instead, the site utilizes intermediate-level HTML, colorful images, white text overlays, and a keen eye to create a professional masterpiece.

Dwell Real Estate

Sarasota, Florida

Since he started working with us in 2004, Marc has always been on the leading edge of our portfolio. It's because he brings great ideas to the table, yes -- but it's also because he's never balked at investing aggressively in his greatest marketing tool.

We've done a lot of SEO for him, and designed several custom sites. His latest site is often imitated, and we're not surprised; it's a very classy, clean example of how real estate information should be presented.

Keller Williams Austin

Austin, Texas

Keller Williams is one of our largest clients and their stellar Austin site is a clean, customized work of art with an awesome featured community rotation on the homepage. Additionally, we added customized fixed navigation to the bottom of every page, so their site stands out from the competition. Users can quickly search for agents from the sub-pages headers and the Keller Williams team can add banners to the sub pages as well. As a user you'll quickly notice how clean this site is!

Military Home Search

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lauren Schneider has worked with REW to build the perfect website for her military audience. Through custom tools and online technology, Lauren has created a phenomenal user experience that catapulted her real estate business to success.

Reilly Realtors

Austin, Texas

The Austin Home Listings site was a really fun one to work on. We created fully-responsive custom mega-menus including a drop-down map search of the Austin area. By combining Calls To Action and custom search forms, the mega menus quickly take users to their desired property area and help convert them into valuable leads. And the best part is these menus keep all the customizations when viewed on a mobile device, including a phone. This site also has custom-made neighborhood and regional maps, which are also responsive and work perfectly on mobile phones. It's a clean, easy-to-use site that draws users in and helps generate leads.

NV Realty Group

North Palm Beach, Florida

NV Realty Group specializes in Palm Beach County and the surrounding region. Obviously, one of the major selling points for homes in this area is the amazing view. This is why we opted for a landscape, ocean photo that stretches across the screen for added impact. The colours are soft and reminiscent of warm, sandy beaches. Can't you just feel the sand between your toes?

Justin Havre and Associates

Calgary, Alberta

Justin Havre is a longtime client and arguably Calgary's most successful real estate agent. This site is very cool with paginated feature listings on the home page, putting Justin's office listings front and center on the most landed on page. Also on the homepage, there is also a custom-built homepage Calgary region pop up map, making it even easier for users to search for homes in a specific area. The other really neat thing on Justin's site it incorporates customized emails to clients with new listings. And, as with most other Real Estate Webmasters sites, it's very easy to navigate!

Lake & City Homes Realty

Madison, Wisconsin

Lake & City Homes impresses buyers and sellers with a gorgeous slide show of images that highlights Madison’s most popular neighborhoods. A REW client since 2009, Broker/Owner Jolenta Averill has used the Limited Edition Custom site design to its fullest with content that informs and inspires.

Jolenta Averill is an independent real estate broker in Madison, Wisconsin and has been a licensed Realtor since 2004. Jolenta became a Real Estate Webmasters client in 2009 when she decided to “go solo” (become an independent real estate broker) and Jolenta considers her state-of-the-art website and the REW community to be an integral part of her success ever since. An early technology adopter who is always on the latest Limited Edition Custom (LEC) site, Ms. Averill‘s website has consistently generated organic traffic and ample buyer & seller leads sufficient to help her exceed a personal sales volume milestone of more than $100 million in 2017. Read more about Jolenta’s story on our blog.