Aumann Bender & Associates

La Jolla, California

Aumann Bender & Associates use their Barbara website to close multi-million dollar deals in sunny California. This highly visual site puts communities and properties at the forefront of a user's search, making it easy for potential buyers to fall in love with La Jolla's luxury homes.

I reached out to Morgan/REW in February 2017, in need of a new solution that would perform well 5-7 years out. I was aware that Google cares about how a website is coded and hosted and doesn't favor 3rd party plugins for IDX. I wanted a custom IDX solution where the listing detail pages would be crawlable by Google as part of my site index. I also had objectives to improve bounce rate, user-friendliness, and site speed. 

Prior to launch, I worked with the REW SEO team to consolidate content and 301 redirect 3,000 community, neighborhood, condo/townhome complex, and lifestyle pages. This was an intimidating process because I had page one rankings for many keywords and was afraid of losing ground. Working with the SEO team, I was able to safely manage this process with confidence.

The REW backend system is very user-friendly for an individual agent to create content, pages, and blog posts. The ability to customize every single nuance of the real estate website, from the design/colors, navigation menu, speed optimization, property details pages, and prospect registration feature, make a REW site optimal for luxury real estate.

I closed this week on a $4.925M oceanfront sale that was a result of a direct phone call - not forced registration. Being able to customize a site's design and calls-to-action is one of REW's most significant offerings. REW will allow you to build an extraordinary asset for your business that is sustainable for years to come.

Joy Bender , Aumann Bender & Associates

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