Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty

Long Island & Queens, NY


Real Estate Webmasters is proud of the work we've done with Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty. Complete with a fresh design and video slideshow, DanielGale.com is a fully custom site that encompasses luxury, integrity and style.

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We initially reached out to the team at REW when we were looking to interview a few companies to help us re-launch our website in 2016.  What attracted us initially was the incredible SEO friendliness of the sites that they had built for other Real Estate brokerages.  Many of those brokerages were small and yet dominated their local Google search. 

After interviewing many website companies we decided to work with REW to build our new site.  Their presentation was concise and right on point.  We were very impressed by what the company had accomplished and we were very excited to begin our journey to a new improved website with REW. 

Several months later we launched and the results were fantastic.  All of our metrics went through the roof.  After 6 months our Sessions grew 250%, bounce rate went down by 40%, time on site vastly increased and pageviews went up 500%.  We did little to no marketing to get new traffic.  The new traffic came and stayed because we had built a beautiful new website that consumers loved.  Google has taken notice.  Since launch in June 2016, our Organic traffic has gone from appr. 400 sessions per day to 2500 sessions per day.  That’s appr. 750,000+ additional visitors to our site annually from Organic Search. 

REW’s backend system is incredibly easy to use and allowed our limited staff to create thousands of unique pages with great content and SEO value.  Our site has continued to grow every month since launch.  

We are extremely happy with our website and REW.  Their staff is courteous, knowledgeable and attentive.  We have also received the same level of service pre-contract to launch to 1 year post launch.  This is not always the case and we are very appreciative of this.  Thank you Morgan and staff….

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