Military Home Search

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lauren Schneider has worked with REW to build the perfect website for her military audience. Through custom tools and online technology, Lauren has created a phenomenal user experience that catapulted her real estate business to success.


Our website is our secret weapon to capture and serve our clients better than anyone else can in our marketplace. Everything we are able to do, is because of our website. It’s our whole business.

I love what REW has done for my business and there is no one else that could have been a better technology partner and that continues to be a great business partner.

To me, the REW platform is incredible because I know what my clients or my future clients are thinking before they know.

I know what listings they’re looking at. I can see if they’re in Hawaii and if I shouldn’t contact them for another four hours because they’re four hours behind me. I know exactly the price point they’re looking in before I get them on the phone. It just tells you everything about your user, and my whole team can use that.

Lauren Schneider , Military Home Search

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