Nook Real Estate


Derek May, the mastermind behind, has worked with Real Estate Webmasters for nearly a decade and has taken on numerous high-end custom projects. In this latest design, a sleek and ultra-modern look combines with superior functionality to provide a phenomenal online experience for buyers and sellers. 


Five brokerages, literally hundreds of websites, and countless awards... The experts at Real Estate Webmasters have continuously built best-in-class real estate websites for me over the past several years.

Each project I have thrown their way has been highly custom, and REW has met each challenge enthusiastically. I have yet to find a way to stump their incredibly talented team of programmers and designers, but I look forward to continuing to try as I am constantly looking to evolve the centerpiece of our business.

In a highly competitive luxury market, and an over-crowded search space, REW gives us the edge needed to stay ahead of our competitors on and offline.

Derek May , Nook Real Estate

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